Golden Peanut

Golden Peanut
This project was an Intranet application that I developed in approximately three weeks in a team of two developers. The entire system is driven only by the back-end database, SQL Server 2000. The site boasts many features including:
  • User Administration
  • Three different permission groups for users that can be assigned by the site administator
  • The data for the site can be entered manually via the web interface or from wireless handheld scanner devices used in the warehouses to check in and check out peanut seed automatically
  • Automatic invoice generation when seed is sold
  • Printer Friendly view for all pages so client can print invoices, and other information about the current invotory

This is only a few of the features in this system. Unfortunately the system is run on an Intranet at the client's home site near Lubbock, TX so I am unable to give a link to the application. For more information on the features, Contact me

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