LakeRidge UMC

LakeRidge UMC

This website illustrates my growth and continued experience with SQL Server and Stored Procedures. The feature set for this website is much larger than many of my previous work. For example, the LakeRidge United Methodist Church site features the following:

Small-scale content management system that allows customer to control the various through a custom web interface:

  • Manage all Ministry pages with limited support for user-entered HTML
  • Upload and manage .pdf documents each associated with various Ministry pages
  • Update and manage church calendar with option of giving certain events higher precedence to allow them to be featured on the homepage automatically
  • Automatic weekly calendar creation based on user input for the upcoming week of events
  • Full user administration including the addition of website users, permissions, and password management
  • Update and manage staff member biography pages
  • Ability to upload and manage staff member pictures
  • Ability to upload and manage Sermons created with Windows Media, .mp3 files and .pdf documents

  • Mostly CSS based layout
  • Heavy use of unobtrusive Javascript

This was also one of the first projects where I designed the entire layout as well as the look-and feel of the website. I am very proud of the way this project turned out. I am also proud to report the design of the website is now used for all the church handouts, bulletins, etc.

This site represents what I feel is the the present and future of the Internet, in the fact that most of the website content is maintained in a database that the customer updates at their leisure. It also features a easily swappable layout that could helps to distance content from presentation with CSS.

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